I, the contestant, understand, agree, and will abide by the follow:

1. Upon acceptance into the state pageant, I will be assigned a title. This title will reflect where I live, work, or attend school. Title assignments are flexible, but the approval of my title is at the discretion of Greenwood Productions, Inc.

2. My title designation is for the purposes of competing in my State Pageant ONLY. This may include soliciting sponsorships and appearances promoting the State Pageant and my area of representation.

3. All appearances utilizing my title must be approved in advance by Greenwood Productions, Inc.

4. A sash reflecting my title will be given to me upon check in at the State Pageant and may be kept as a memento.

5. Usage of my title will be terminated upon the completion of the State Pageant.

I have read this title and sash agreement, fully understand its terms and sign it voluntarily. I understand that if I am under the age of 18 I must have a parent or guardian sign this form on my behalf.